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Hi I’m John from One Recipe Daily. I started this site because I love food. Everything about food. Eating it. Preparing it. Serving it. Enjoying it with friends and family.


It was this love of food, and my lack of imagination, that made me think “Wouldn’t it be great if I could get someone (who knows a helluva lot more about cooking than me) to give me a recipe a day that I could use to cook my meal without any hassle or fuss. Wouldn’t it be great if someone else did the thinking for me (I’m kind of lazy that way). ” And that’s where I came up with the idea for One Recipe Daily.


I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Canadian expat) and have quite a busy lifestyle so this is just another way of making my  life easier. I’m just getting started but I hope that you see enough value in this service to join me on this journey. I put together a few FAQs below just to give you more insight into why I am doing this. I would love to get your feedback, ideas, suggestions and criticisms. Send me an email with your thoughts to john@onerecipedaily.com or post directly on the site.


Happy eating!


What is One Recipe Daily?


The One Recipe Daily concept is quite simple…


Subscribe at www.onerecipedaily.com and every weekday you’ll get one recipe – taken from the world’s best cookbooks – delivered to your inbox. You’ll get recipes from Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Julia Child and many, many more accomplished cookbook authors – all for free.


Who is One Recipe Daily for?


Anyone who wants to put a little daily inspiration into their meal preparation or would prefer to take the worry out of what they’re going to cook today.


Will I receive an email everyday?


One Recipe Daily is  delivered five days a week and is digestible (no pun intended) in about one minute. I will never send more than one email a day.


Is this free? Is this a business?


I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love coming up with ideas that improve peoples lives in some way or another. So the answer to both questions is, yes. One Recipe Daily features inspiring recipes from great cookbooks, and provides links to those books on amazon.com using the Amazon Associates affiliate program. That commission enables me to keep this site running and the emails free. So, in the interest of helping me keep this concept going, if and when you decide to buy a cookbook, I would like to encourage you to click on one of my links.


Spam-Free Zone


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